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Modalities Core

Core Balance and Strength

One of the main foundations in our practice is core work. Core work is strengthening of the trunk muscles (stomach and back muscles). We focus on building a strong core because this strength helps the body physically develop allowing children to be able to reach their developmental milestones with ease. Without a strong core/trunk, a child may have difficulty maintaining posture which leads to problems performing gross and fine motor skills.

Strengthening the core activates the cerebellum which is a main contributor to coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Spatial awareness and balance are crucial skills to a developing child as having strong spatial awareness and balance allow the child to feel grounded and in control of their body. This allows them to complete tasks independently and well which leads to a strong sense of self and confidence.

All of these skills effect a childs ability to learn, write, read, and focus more efficiently and easier.. With a weakened core it is much more likely for a child to become frustrated and discouraged through out development which may lead to social and behavior problems.

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