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Modalities ILS

ILS (Integrated Listening Systems) THERAPY

The ILS (Integrated Listening Systems) program provides bottom-up, multisensory programs utilizing music, movement, to improve brain function and enable better regulation of the nervous system. ILS(Integrated Listening Systems) has been used to restore the nervous system, reduce stress, and auditory sensitivity and enhance social engagement and resilience. It also combines auditory, balance, and movement activities to create a foundation for learning, attention, processing, and behavior.
The system is used commonly by many to treat patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, or other experiencing issues with learning and attention.

These are some of the issues that ILS(Integrated Listening Systems) can address:
· Coordination, Balance and Motor Planning

· Attention/Focus

· Memory/Learning Issues

· Reading/Auditory Processing

· Sound Sensitivity

· Children and Behavior

· Speech and Expressive language

· Children and Anxiety

· Sleep

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