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Modalities Low Laser

Low Laser Therapy

In our practice, we use the laser as an advanced healing device, and we implement the neuro-solution protocols. These are some of the Photophysical / Chemical Effects we see from these protocols,
· Increases mitochondrial membrane potential above baseline
· Increases electron transport
· Improves the gut microbiome
· Heals the gut lining
· Changes in levels of protein expression involved in antioxidant and redox-regulation
· Cells at risk of dying in tissue that has been subjected to ischemia or other insults are protected
· Pain and inflammation are reduced
· Blood flow is increased
· Lymphatic drainage is stimulated… This equates to tissue homeostasis, healing and regeneration!
Brain Specific Effects
· Increase in cerebral blood flow
· Increase in tissue oxygenation
· Reduces neuroinflammation
· Increase growth factors
· Increases antioxidants like SOD /glutathione
· Heals the blood brain barrier
· Has been demonstrated to improve autistic symptoms behavior
· Shown to reduce viral replication and improve immune response
· Can rapidly reduce or eliminate primitive reflexes when properly applied

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