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Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Who We Are

Brain Reconnection, Inc is a holistic neuro-rehabilitation center that delivers innovative cutting-edge approaches to healing the brain. We strive to provide a loving, warm, and playful environment to our children and their families. Our services are research based and have been proven to work, improve the lives of many children, and enable clients to reach their full potential.

We use a rehabilitation approach that follows the blue-print of brain development to ensure proper healing and progress.

We do this by using a combination of reflex integration, hemispheric integration, and physical fitness in a very intensive way in order to reach these milestones and set the kids up for great success and healing.

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Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism looks very different in every child, but some common symptoms of autism include:

  • Difficulty socializing
  • Difficulty communicating 
  • Difficulty in recognizing social and body cues
  • Easily frustrated 
  • Learning delays
  • Inability to self regulate
  • Low muscle tone leading to difficulty with fine and gross motor skills

These difficulties may cause tremendous stress for the child and family within the home, school, and social settings. 

 How We Help Your Child

When treating a child with autism we use a very gentle and personal approach. Our main concern is the comfort of the child and establishing stability within the nervous system and grounding of the body to decrease cortisol levels and the activity of the fight or flight response. Our approach follows the blueprint of brain development, which includes addressing unintegrated reflexes which lay the groundwork for neurological milestones. We will also implement hemispheric integration to deal with any hemispheric imbalances present that may be causing difficulties for the child. Lastly we will include active work to focus on any low muscle tone and physical difficulties present along with our many other cutting edge modalities that we have in our office.


Our practice was born out of the need for a holistic, integrative, drug free approach that addresses the root cause of pediatric neurological and developmental disorders. Here at Brain Reconnection, we use a variety of cutting edge modalities in our sessions to aid the healing progress and strive for the best results for your child.


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