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About Us

About Us

Brain Reconnection, Inc is a holistic center that delivers innovative cutting-edge approaches to healing the brain. We specialize in reflex integration, neuro rehab, and hemispheric integration in order to treat ASD, ADHD, TBI, CP, and much more. We strive to promote a holistic and drug free approach to healing through manual neurological protocols, exercise, and nutrition.


We strive to provide a loving, warm, and playful environment to our children and their families. Our services are researched based and have been proven to work, improve the lives of many children, and enable clients to get to their full potential.

​Our vision is to create a community of dedicated therapists and parents that work as a team. We are committed to giving our parents the best education and training about reflexes possible, to empower them to carry on the work at home to speed recovery and faster re-wiring of the affected brain pathways.

​We also want to promote awareness to our community of doctors, pediatricians, neurologists, and developmental optometrists in Southern California about the importance of integration of reflexes early on in children’s lives. They can support but also reverse some conditions if treated early on with reflex integration therapy.


Brain Reconnection, Inc was founded by Hela Kammoun in 2014 after spending years traveling all over the US trying to find therapies that work for her daughter with ASD.

​After years of research and countless hours, Hela trained herself in developmental therapy, movement therapies, and so much more. She didn’t take NO for an answer and dedicated most of her baby daughter’s life to trying different method after methods to bring her to optimal brain function. She helped her move from a lost child to a very organized and gifted dancer and pianist.

When her daughter started going to school part-time (after homeschooling her so she can focus more on therapy and speeding recovery), Hela started helping other families with nutrition and reflex integration and opened Brain Reconnection.

Our Values

Empowerment- We strongly believe in children’s potential and provide safe challenges, defined as a skill level slightly ahead of where they presently are. Children will most likely achieve successfully. They will feel a sense of empowerment. As their positive self-efficacy rises, our children will feel confident regarding moving to the next level.

Resilience- Believe in the potential of every child: kids have surprised us how resilient and how much they want to get better. We are here to work hard with them. Give hope and strength to continue.

Love- Our company is driven by LOVE for our children and families, our families become a part of our lives and we create beautiful connections with them for years to come.

​Growth- Evolve, engage and continue to learn. From our clients to the holistic doctors and community that support our work and our industry help us offer the best therapy possible.

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