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Proprioceptive-Vestibular System Protocol

This protocol is designed to work on the development and maturation of the reflexes concerned with the proprioceptive-vestibular system. This system is important as it allows us to keep tabs on sensory information coming into and around our body, as well as where our body is in space. Being able to integrate and process this information plays a huge role in physical, emotional, and learning skills, as well as natural body regulation. This system also leads to the development of conscious postural and motor control, and is also the link between motor coordination and inner cognitive control.

Being able to take in, organize, and process sensory information through the proprioceptive-vestibular system efficiently is essential to the integration of reflexes as sensory stimulation is the first step of sensory motor integration within a reflex pattern. Here we use techniques, games, and activities to make the integration sessions interesting and motivating for children.

The Proprioceptive-Cognitive Integration session can be used with children and adults with the following developmental deficits: motor and speech delay, space-time disorientation, decoding and modeling, manual “mapping” problems, and as a stress release program for professionals who are used to intense intellectual work.

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