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Bonding- physical and emotional well being in relation to safety
ATNR- supports the development of unilateral and contralateral motor coordination as well as attention and hearing
STNR- development of bilateral movement patterns and informational processing in the right and left hemispheres
Moro- plays a role in protection and holding on to trauma within the body
Trunk Extension- activates the cerebral spinal fluid movement throughout the body to stimulate nervous system development
Core Tendon Guard- the holding of trauma within the musculoskeletal system of the torso
Fear Paralysis- fear, alertness, or panic triggered by a loud or sudden sensory stimulus
Spinal Galant- influences physical spine development and postural control as well as bladder and bowel control
Spinal Perez- basis for whole body coordination and back and neck muscles
Babinski- creates foundation for balance, grounding, and preparation for standing
Leg Cross Flexion- muscle development and coordination of the legs for walking and running
Automatic Gait- lays the ground-work of the walking movement pattern
Foot Tendon Guard- plays a role in taking in sensory information through the feet and holding trauma and tension
Hand Grasp- grip strength for fine motor movements within the hands
Hands Supporting- development of upper body muscle tone, range of motion, and protection
Hands Pulling- lays the ground-work for the movement pattern of sitting up from a laying position
Babkin- plays a role in TMJ tension, teeth grinding, and holding trauma within the hands

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