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Challenges Dyslexia


This is a language-based learning disorder.

It is characterized by:
– Difficulties with word recognition
– Poor spelling and decoding abilities.

Specific portions of the brain typically associated with important reading processes may not develop or function properly.

Children with dyslexia lack the ATNR(Asymmetric tonic neck reflex) response, which makes horizontal eye tracking difficult.

Dyslexia is characterized by:
– An unusual collection of neurological traits
– Lack of hand-eye coordination and ocular-vestibular synchronization.

Our objective is to generate a suitable neurophysiological foundation for the development of inner control for cognitive skills
by using repetitive pattern procedures and workouts for these non-integrated reflexes.
Our Specialty

In this case we use a combination of:

– Reflex Integration to address the non integrated reflexes described above, more reflexes will be uncovered through the assessment process.
– Hemispheric Integration to work on the weak hemisphere, to address the functional disconnect present which in this case its more of left hemisphere deficit.

In addition to other cutting-edge techniques to get the best results.

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