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Challenges Pre Mature

Pre-Mature Birth

When a baby is born too soon, many of the developmental stages that are meant to happen in the womb are not able to occur.

A premature birth may lead to difficulties with breathing, feeding, muscle tone, and hitting typical developmental milestones. Other neurological conditions may arise.

Normal muscle tone in premature newborns is rare. Low muscle tone is very common at birth, which may lead to overcompensation leading to elevated muscle tone and stiffness later on.

Due to a preterm delivery, the basic motions and reflexes of birthing such as Spinal Perez, Crawling, Spinning, and Sucking, may be compromised. We have the knowledge and tools to help enhance pre term babies. Their nervous system will mature, brain functions will grow, and sensory-motor integration will occur as a result of integrating these reflexes.

Our Specialty

In this case we use a combination of:

– Reflex Integration to address the dysfunctional reflexes

– Hemispheric Integration to address the undeveloped area of the brain that needs the most support

– Speech and Feeding therapy to address sucking, swallowing, speech and communication challenges

In addition to other cutting-edge techniques to get the best results.

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