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Challenges NFD

Non-Fatal Drowning (NFD)

Non fatal drowning occurs when a child drowns causing a build up of fluid in the lungs and a lack of oxygen to the brain for a period of time. This type of accident can cause a lot of trauma to the nervous system and depending on the severity of the accident leads to a different array of results. The lack of oxygen to the brain for an extended period of time causes brain damage which can lead to challenged or diminished ability of breathing, motor function, speech, eating and more.
From our experience treating children with NFD we have seen that moro and fear paralysis are critical to address and have a significant influence on the trauma that has occurred.

The Moro Reflex affects these children in the following way:
-Negative protection
-Vulnerability to emotional instability
-Fear and phobias
-No inner control and cannot manage stressful situations such as loud sounds, bright lights, and ect.

The Fear Paralysis when integrated will bring ease in the following areas:
-Emotional dysregulation and instability
-Focusing and processing information
-Emotional immaturity

In this case we use a combination of:

– Reflex Integration to address the dysfunctional reflexes
– Hemispheric Integration to address the undeveloped area of the brain that needs the most support
– Speech and Feeding therapy to address sucking, swallowing, speech and communication challenges

In addition to other cutting-edge techniques to get the best results.

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