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Systemic neural adaptation (SNA) is a process that promotes positive neuroplastic change within the brain and nervous system. The SNA Neurosage system leverages a multi-modal sensory stimulus environment that enriches and encourages one’s healing process. The main focus of the Neurosage system is to encourage healthy oscillations within the neuraxis in order to gain proper regulation over all systems in the body.
The Neurosage system uses the following sensory systems in order to alter the connectome of the user’s brain: visual, auditory, proprioception/mechanoreception, and vestibular. These are the main systems that we use to navigate our environment in order to live a healthy life, avoid safety concerns, and properly respond to our environment.
In summary, the Neurosage system promotes systemic neural adaptation by emerging the user into a multi modal sensory environment that incorporates all of the main senses of our body. Our system utilizes a hemispheric approach to develop under developed, under regulated, and under integrated brain networks. As the brain integrates and rehabs we see improved top down regulation over all the systems in the body, and thus impacts various symptoms that one may seek care for.


What is Neurosage?

Neurosage Therapy

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